If you are a survivor of misconduct at Phillips Exeter Academy, please fill out the brief anonymous survey on page two of this website. Survey responses will automatically roll to this summary page.

Your report is important. It will help us, the greater alumni community, administration, and especially the self-selected trustees, understand the harm that has occurred on campus through the decades.

The survey contains no text fields, or any other response option that might inadvertently identify you. IP addresses are not stored with responses either.  However, if you would like to take the further step of leaving no traceable digital fingerprint, you can do this by filling out the survey with a public access computer, like those found in a library.

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It is our fervent wish that this effort would be reproduced in every academic setting, work place, and other community that is struggling with the power imbalance that exists between victims reporting their harm and the institutions who control the release of the data. If you are a community advocate looking to replicate this effort, the Copy Us page will walk you through our steps.

We have included several additional pages of information on this website, including current financial resources for victims and alumni support groups. We have also created an Exie Leaks page for information we believe should be in the public realm.


When did you graduate?1970-19791980-19891990-19992000-20092010-20192020+0204060

1. When did you graduate, or would have graduated from P.E.A. Total
1970-1979 8
1980-1989 12
1990-1999 17
2000-2009 7
2010-2019 45
2020+ 3

What is your gender? Hovermouse over pie to see legend17.4%77.2%

2. What is your gender? Total
Female 71
Gender Fluid 5
Male 16

What type of abuse did you suffer?EmotionalPhysicalRape (Aggr…Sexual Ass…Sexual Har…StalkingStatutory R…0204060

3. What type of abuse did you suffer? You may choose more than one answer. Please see the bottom of this page for New Hampshire State definitions. Total
Emotional 48
Physical 17
Rape (Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault) 16
Sexual Assault 39
Sexual Harassment 41
Stalking 12
Statutory Rape (Felonious Sexual Assault) 6
  • Stalking
  • Total: 12

What year were you? Hovermouse over pie to see legend30.4%20.7%20.7%22.8%

4. What “year” were you when the misconduct or abuse first occur? If between years, what grade were you going into? Total
Lower 28
Post Graduate 5
Prep 21
Senior 19
Upper 19

Who was the (alleged) abuser?Another PE…DeanFacultyFaculty affili…Faculty coa…Non teachi…Visiting adu…Visiting stu…0204060

5. Who was the (alleged) abuser? Total
Another PEA student 53
Dean 2
Faculty 20
Faculty affiliated with your dorm 5
Faculty coaching your sport 1
Non teaching/coaching staff 3
Visiting adult/or non PEA affiliated adult 6
Visiting student/or non PEA student 2

Did you report to PEAofficials? Hover mouse overpie to see legend35.9%10.9%53.3%

6. Did you or someone else report the abuse or harassment to PEA officials? Total
No 49
Yes, much later or only recently 10
Yes, near the time period it happened 33

Where did the abuse happen?Athletic Fac…Dorm (indiv…Faculty homeLibraryOther, non…0102030

7. Where did the misconduct or abuse occur? Please choose the most specific or most frequent. Total
Athletic Facility 1
Class room 11
Dorm (individual) room 30
Dorm common room 7
Faculty home 4
Hotel near town of Exeter 1
Library 2
Other campus location 24
Other, non campus location 10
Phillips Church 2

Where you taken seriously?Hover mouse over pie to seelegend14.1%28.3%51.1%

8. Were you taken seriously? Total
I have never reported 47
I reported years later and was treated with respect and belief. 6
No 26
Yes 13

To whom did you first report?Academic A…Dean of Re…Dorm HeadExeter PDHAVENMinistry staffPerson out…02040

9. To whom did you first report? Total
Academic Advisor 4
Counseling Staff 4
Dean of Residential Life 1
Dean of Students 12
Dorm Head 4
Dorm affiliated faculty 1
Exeter PD 1
Faculty-Teaching 5
I have never reported 38
Ministry staff 2
None of these 8
Person outside of Exeter 6
Principal 5

What was PEA’s reaction?Escalated t…I have neve…I reported a…None of theseOnly intern…Report atta…Report atta…Report disb…Report not t…0204060

10. How would you categorize PEA’s reaction? Total
Escalated to the proper PEA officials, with proper investigation and support services. 2
I have never reported 46
I reported a long time after my abuse. My report was routed properly to the Exeter PD. 5
None of these 9
Only internal investigation, but an outcome I agreed with and felt good about. 2
Report attacked and untrue by multiple parties (Admin & peers), victim harassed and threatened if report repeated. 7
Report attacked as untrue, victim threatened with expulsion or other disciplinary action if report repeated. 6
Report disbelieved or minimized, no further action taken. 13
Report not taken seriously, no investigation, but lots of support given. 2

Did you take legal action?Hover mouse over pie to seelegend97.8%

11. Did you or anyone else take legal action against P.E.A. or the abuser? Total
No 90
Yes 2

Has your abuse affected yourPEA involvement? Hovermouse over pie to see legend37%63%

12. Has your abuse affected your involvement in alumni events? Total
No 34
Yes 58

Has your abuse affected yourfinancial giving to PEA?Hover mouse over pie to se…38%62%

13. Does your abuse affect your financial giving to the Academy? Total
No 35
Yes 57

When you were a PEAstudent, how did race/cultureaffect admin’s response to…32.6%35.9%31.5%

14. How did race and cultural differences factor into how PEA grown-ups (admin, faculty, staff) responded to sexual misconduct when you were a student? Total
Other 30
Race and/or culture do not factor into how faculty/staff handled cases of sexual misconduct at PEA 29
Race and/or culture often factored into how faculty/staff handled cases of sexual misconduct at PEA 33

When you were a PEAstudent, how did race/cultureaffect the community’s resp…31.5%41.3%27.2%

15. How did race and cultural differences factor into how other PEA students responded to cases of sexual misconduct when you were a student? Total
Other 29
Race and/or culture do not factor into how the PEA community responded to cases of sexual misconduct at PEA. 25
Race and/or culture often factored into how the PEA community responded to cases of sexual misconduct. 38

Did race/culture factor intoyour abuse at PEA? Hovermouse over pie to see legend27.2%8.7%64.1%

16. Do you believe race or culture factored into the abuse you personally suffered at PEA? Total
No 59
Other 8
Yes 25

Are you interested inreconciliation with PEA?Hover mouse over pie to se…23.9%25%51.1%

17. Are you interested in exploring reconciliation with PEA? If “yes” please see the Further Actions page for options. Total
I’m not sure at this time. 47
No 23
Yes 22

How are you doing today?Good. I don…I am health…I can’t think…I don’t need…I get trigger…I have suici…None of these0102030

18. How are you doing today? Total
Good. I don’t need anything else for me, but would like to be connected with other PEA survivors to support them. (Please see Further Actions page) 1
I am healthy and happy. I don’t require any other support. 19
I can’t think or talk about what happened to me. If I do, I have physical reactions and my day-to-day life is negatively effected. 10
I don’t need anything else for me, but would like to be connected with other PEA survivors to support them. (Please see Further Actions page) 14
I get triggered often in my real life and by the news coming out of PEA. 30
I have suicidal thoughts and I need immediately support. Please call HAVEN at 1-603-994-SAFE (7233), a trained crisis counselor who is familiar with PEA can listen to you and help you 24/7. 3
None of these 15


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