PATH has posted responses on Exeter social media sites and exchanged many correspondences since 2018 with the former and current Principal. We include also correspondences to the community. The link to correspondences on the academy’s site was taken down September 2021. below are the correspondences:

PATH Response to needs blind admissions 11:17:21

PATH response 9:20:21 to Vanity Fair article and current events on campus

Communication to community by Bill Rawson defending choice with respect to David Weber 9-13-21

Communication to community from Bill Rawson concerning David Weber’s removal of emeritus status and barring from campus 2/15/21

Commnication to Community from Bill Rawson concerning criminal charges agains Szczesny Kaminski, Exeter math teacher 8/24/2020

Bill Rawson 9/25/2020 response to PATH re:9-9-20 letter

PATH 9/9/2020 letter to PEA  in response to administrative changes and loss of all verbal agreements

Bill Rawson and Trustee President Tony Downer’s report of Ad Hoc committee’s findings  supporting deans office responses to reporting of sexual abuse

Bill Rawson letter to PATH in response to May 14th  7-8-19

May 14 2019 PATH to PEA, Exeter has undermined its relationship with PATH…

Bill Rawson lettter to PATH Response to Petition  2-13-19

PATH Petition after release of investigation_ 2018-09-20 PATH Petition and Appendix

Holland and Knight Investigation of sexual abuse at Phillips Exeter Academy 8/24/2018

Communication for Communitas PATH and Lisa MacFarlane immediately prior to her departure 5-30-18 copy