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“I am not in a place in my life or in therapy where I am at all comfortable with being publicly associated as a survivor, to the school or to alumni in general. The prospect is devastating and very scary to me. The protection of my anonymity has been an enormous part of the gift of this care that I have cherished, for which I continue to be grateful. I had never thought it would be possible to have care funded like this while staying anonymous. That has been a big part of what has allowed me to feel safe enough to do this work. (And it is changing my life”

                                                                                           – Words of a survivor receiving from the PATH Fund

Support from the broader Exeter community at a time when the academy is (to put it bluntly) not being supportive has a deep psychological impact on survivors. Simply experiencing this outpouring of acknowledgment from our community is, in and of itself, enormous. For many, simply seeing this fund launch, and seeing the enthusiasm with which it has been met, is a giant step forward in healing. 

The funds are also significant to many. Most survivors struggle with the costs of ongoing therapy. Some survivors are in crisis. Some struggle with homelessness. Some are not able to work. Above all, survivors often struggle to be believed and to see reflected back to them, that what happened to them was real and matters. 

It is PATH’s greatest hope to work with Exeter, join forces with its leadership, and build a successful pathway to healing and reconciliation that returns lost dignity and self-worth to survivors, brings healing to our community, and encourages the needed leadership for Exeter to forge the path in addressing sexual harm effectively and head-on. Meanwhile, there is work to be done. And the fund has been created to start doing it.

Please donate! We are actively encouraging those willing to offer ongoing monthly support to our fund as well as one time contributions. Your donation of $25.00 or more ise an investment not just in an alumnus harmed, but in our community at Exeter as a whole. Together we can change the course of fellow classmate’s lives.

PATH always welcomes new members.

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