PATH has posted responses on Exeter social media sites and exchanged many correspondences since 2018 with the former and current Principal. We include also correspondences to the community.┬áThe link to correspondences on the academy’s site was taken down September 2021. below are the correspondences:

PATH Response to needs blind admissions 11:17:21

PATH response 9:20:21 to Vanity Fair article and current events on campus


PATH_WKR response to 9-9-20 letter

PATH TO PEA 9:9:2020

WKR+JAD_ltr to PATH 11-21-19

WKR ltr to PATH 7-8-19

May 14 2019 PATH TO PEA

WKR lettter to PATH 2-13-19

PATH TO PEA 9:9:2020

Final_ 2018-09-20 PATH Petition and Appendix

Communication #2 for Communitas 5-30-18 copy