Accessing Funds


Survivors can contact one of two designated foundation representatives and fellow survivors Ann Malabre and Julia Gray at  [email protected]. The representatives will validate that the person is an alumni of Exeter and confirm with the survivor the nature of the harm experienced at Exeter and their need for support. Our intent is to support those in need with as few gates as possible to impede access to needed funds. Our attitude acknowledges sexual trauma is devastating, stigmatizing, and isolating which is reflected in the extremely low level of false accusations of sexual abuse. We believe you.


The PATH website will be a resource for victims and their supporters. Through crowdsourcing of information and recommendations, we hope to offer a curated list of health professionals across the country who have experience in treating conditions such as PTSD and complex PTSD. Similarly, for those dealing with the initial impact of sexual violence of any sort, we hope to provide information on rape trauma services.

The fund will respond to survivors in need, now and in the future, with flexibility and care. It will evolve in response to funds available.