Where We are Now

The arrest of math instructor Szczesny Kaminski in August 2020 and January of 2023 plea deal resulting in 12 years of imprisonment for felonious assault of a minor during the years 2013-2017, highlight an ongoing problem. While Kaminski was held responsible, the academy aware of concerns by numerous faculty starting in 2015 was not for failure to protect this student. There remains an emptiness of words and an absence of real culture-addressing action. It is important to note that the investigation of Kaminski was occurring as PATH was meeting with administration and seeking a more inclusive and complete report of the scope of sexual harm than what had been  produced by Holland & Knight. https://theexonian.net/news/details-kaminski?fbclid=IwAR18vCxUqJEalW8P8Y3R9Xr9-r

Kaminski Pleads Guilty to Sexual  Assault, Receives 12+ Years in Prison, The Exonian 1/26/23

Ex-Phillips Exeter Academy teacher agrees — again — to plead guilty to student sex assault, Seacoast Online, 1/5/23

Ex-Phillips Exeter math teacher allegedly sexually assaulted student for years, NH prosecutor says, Seacoast Online,8/20

In the wake of Mr. Kaminski’s arrest, alumni have turned to us at PATH in greater numbers to provide the needed acknowledgement and support of survivors. In response, we have started a donor assisted fund to provide to those sexually harmed by Exeter employees. This fund will help PATH provide for survivors unable to safely or reasonably receive from the school in a dignified way. 

Exeter’s community has consistently shown a sincere desire to support classmates; the many Facebook pages that have been created since in 2016 for sharing and support bear witness to this desire. We at PATH are so grateful for community members who have now stepped into needed leadership to create this fund that will direct monies to survivors in need, and for all the alumni who continue to make a statement with their support of PATH and alumni harmed at Exeter.