Thank you to all who have supported our endeavors at PATH so far. Our fund is now connected in a way that brings resources to survivors through a 501c3 nonprofit. The PATH fund currently is supporting five survivors and we expect more. Our peer to peer resource is an opportunity for alumni to contribute to help fellow Exonians pay for expenses associated with processing the trauma experienced at Exeter. The fund compliments our continued advocacy to create healing and accountability for survivors with our school. Other initiatives we are pursuing are in their infancy but taking shape. The fund is open right now and actively seeking donations through credit card and PayPal. Please consider giving. We are deeply appreciative for the immense alumni support for PATH’s work.

About the PATH Fund for Survivors

In response to alumni distress at Exeter’s failures to protect past and current students from sexual abuse, its resistance to both accountability and a dignified pathway of reconciliation with survivors, Phillips Exeter Alumni for Truth and Healing (PATH) launched a fund for survivors of sexual abuse at Phillips Exeter Academy. The fund will provide survivors with access to support and resources without further trauma or loss of dignity.

Donations will be used to cover ongoing therapy, health care, housing costs, child care, transportation, and other needs of survivors past and present—as well as future if needed—who are struggling with the lasting effects of sexual abuse suffered at Exeter.

PATH has engaged in over three years of meetings, discussions, and correspondences with Exeter’s previous and present principals and trustees to encourage the academy to choose transparency, accountability, and ensure cultural change over the legal and self-protective efforts. PEA has chosen to spend many millions in legal fees to defend against survivors who answered the academy’s call to come forward, instead of recognizing the harm, investing in care, and working with survivors toward fair and healing reconciliation. Our classmates failed by faculty and administrators tasked with in loco parentis require more than Exeter’s preemptive defense against them that further destroys trust, and the alumni need this too. Institutional integrity is what will continue building Exeter’s reputation as a leading educational institution.

We care about our school. Like Exeter’s founder, John Phillips, we believe in the balance of goodness and knowledge. By directing gifts to this fund, Exonians can support their harmed classmates and make a statement in support of the core values of our school.

Exonians are Phillips Exeter Academy and we are its future. Support PATH, support survivors, support change. Thank you for considering the PATH fund. We look forward to partnering with you in the support for the survivors of sexual abuse at Exeter.

Larry Bouchie ’79
Leonie Glen ’80
Zander Procopis ’80
Todd Truesdale ’80
Ann Malabre ’81
Valerie Wagner ’83
Rachel Carpenter ’85
Julia Gray ’97

Thank you to all who sent in their pledges!