PATH (Phillips Exeter Academy Alumni for Truth and Healing), founded in 2018, is composed of alumni who experienced harm while at Exeter and their supporters within the Exeter community. We advocate for transparency, systemic evaluation and cultural change to provide a safer, more accountable and responsive environment at Exeter.  PATH is inclusive of all genders, all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds, and all generations. We know that sexual abuse at Exeter has not discriminated by gender, class, race or era and, in fact, the experience of harm is often compounded by intersectionality.

We know that sexual trauma is real and prolonged and that alumni survivors showed great courage when they responded to Exeter’s 2016 call to come forward to share their stories with the administration. We look for ways to return dignity and respect, and bring healing and for survivors that experienced sexual abuse at Exeter.  

Leadership Committee

Julia Gray ‘97
Valerie Wagner ‘83
Ann Malabre ’81

Advisory Committee

Madison Hillyard ‘16
Hannah Sessler ‘15
Hillary Coustan ‘93
Alessandra Phillips ‘92
Elizabeth Bates ‘87
Rachel Carpenter ‘85
Todd Truesdale ‘80
Leonie Glen ‘80
Zander Procopis ‘80
Larry Bouchie ‘79
Shari Brinkman-Young ‘76