Dates (times are eastern time zone) :


3/27    6-7:30 pm

4/9  11 am eastern

4/20 7 pm eastern

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PATH is offering supported circles with facilitators for all interested alumni to process the recent case of sexual misconduct as well as past cases. These facilitated circles will be small online zoom forums for a maximum of six participants at the time. We aim to have trained facilitation for each circle. The circles are for all alumni of Phillips Exeter Academy who are not current employees or trustees of the school. We will create a safe confidential container by requesting all participants agree to the following guidelines: 

Circle Guidelines:

  1. Confidentiality-We ask you not to reference anything shared in these circles that is personal in nature or reference anyone who came to these circles without explicit permission from that person. Leaders are included in this agreement. These forums are for sharing and listening, not for debate or persuasion You are welcome to explicitly identify as a survivor, but in care of yourself and all present who are not professionally trained to support this, please refrain from any new disclosures of abuse.
  1. Please limit what you share to your own experience. Please do not speak on another’s behalf.
  1. Please refrain from commenting on other people’s words and thoughts and especially refrain from judging or correcting what other’s have expressed. Our forum is for expression and listening not debate.
  1. Sensitivity-Please hold sensitivity for the experience of survivors. Can you share what you wish to share with this sensitivity as there are likely survivors present.
  1. Patience- Please have patience and an assumption of goodwill for all present.
  1. Time- In consideration of time please consider before you speak what you most want to share, contribute, and be heard for. Please balance your full expression with the time available for all to allow all voices and thoughts to be heard. 


Circles will be facilitated by Ann Malabre who has a Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching and has been trained in facilitation. At the Bay Area Nonviolent leadership Program she was trained by Roxy Manning, Kit Miller, and Miki Kashtan. Ann facilitated groups and led workshops with all three for four years. She currently and for the past eight years has received training, supported programming for, and is a one-on-one coach in trauma recovery in the work of Sarah Peyton. Previously she was trained in group facilitation and led group process’ for Outward Bound’s youth at risk programs. In March 2023, Ann will start new trainings to become a circle keeper with Hidden Water an organization that provides the support of facilitated circle process for survivors of sexual abuse, those who caused sexual harm and wish total responsibility, those in relationship to those harmed and those who have harmed, and non-offending parents and care givers of both those harmed, and who have harmed.

Other PATH members will assist and support these circles. We intend to have two leaders supporting all circles.